Renaturation of Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant proteins expressed in bacteria often form inclusion bodies, especially when they are expressed at high levels. Creative BioMart retrieves expressed GST fusion protein in soluble form after lysis and extraction procedures.

. Specifically for solubilizing and renaturing GST inclusion bodies.
. Time-saving: without lengthy dialysis or dilution step.
. No pH variation and Redox Pair involved.

Refolding of the solubilized proteins is initiated by the removal of the denaturant. The efficiency of refolding depends on the competition between correct folding and aggregation. To slow down the aggregation process refolding is usually carried out at low protein concentrations, in the range of 10-100 mg/ml. Furthermore, refolding conditions must be optimized for each individual protein.

Methods for the refolding of proteins:
. Dialysis
. Slow dilution
. Rapid dilution
. Pulse renaturation
. Chromatography


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